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Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a manager and was paid terribly. Unrealistic goals and everyone is trying climb on each others heads to get promotions. The worst aspect is that the pay is terrible. If you are from a developing country it might not be so bad but nobody from the first world should be working for DLC. Huge hierarchy problem if you are not an officer you are nothing. Cons: Terrible directors. Bad pay. Stuck on ship for months."

Program Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely the worst experience of my life! The company is a CULT They read your mail, spy on you, abuse you and try to brainwash you Not to mention you are overworked Do not work for this company!"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"Too many hours, 80plus per week, tiny cabin space, no time for social life, they will literally suck the energy and enthusiasm out of you.. no time off in ports, terrible people working in management, terrible communication from ship to shore. S Cons: Long hours, no time to get off the ship, it’s like a prison sentence, not a contract"

Labor Leader / Analyst (Former Employee) says

"My Manager was fired for doing drugs and there also was Drinking and becoming intoxicated at the Office and close clicks of friends. i you are over 30, a male or a person of color don't even waste your time. Cons: Upper Management"

Vacation Planner (Former Employee) says

"underpaid and overworked. No room for advancement here so be prepared to take calls for the rest of your life. Toxic environment - its all about seniority and not what you know in this company."

Youth Activities Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Hard job, working on a ship, working 70hours minimum per week, for upto 8 months at a time, long shifts, but its a good team ethic"

Youth Activities Counselor (Former Employee) says

"I am a young British girl and I was over the moon when I got the job as a Youth Activities Counselor on board the Disney Dream. Now the reality: working 11 hours a day 7 days a week, stood in a kids club in a designated spot, moving every 30 minutes. You would be put next to the toilet, in a submarine etc and just basically enforce rules on the children. You are pretty much a life guard in a kids club. 'Walking feet' as you weren't allowed to say no running. I eventually fainted in the shower due to be over worked. After this, they put me in a medical cabin for 3 days and wouldn't let me eat anything but dried cereal as I may have 'AGE' ( a cruise ship virus). This isolation made me even more ill. The management really don't care about any one either, just licking the higher managements behinds. They tend to not tell you what the job really entails, but that's because it's painfully boring and repetitive. Don't do it. The only benefit was the crew bar which got me through it and I made some amazing friends. Cons: No days off for 4 months, 11 hours a day, boring, repetitive, you are completely disposable to them"

Cruise Vacation Planner (Current Employee) says

"At DCL they talk about "networking" which is code for hiring/promoting your friends. Absolutely awful management in the contact center. If you want to come to work and just pick up a paycheck, this is great for you. If you take pride in your work and feel like your performance should matter more than who you make friends with, then this is not a great move for you."

Assistant server (Former Employee) says

"pire experience possible travail de plus de 80 heures par semaines sans in jour de repos paye 4 euros de l'heure heureusement les pourboires sont là Cons: Harcèlements sexuels tolérer"

General ship wide technician (Former Employee) says

"Ship life is different than any other way of life. Everything is about positive attitude and if you don't have one at all times than you are looked down on. Management is not supportive and likes to keep you out of the loop of things and only tell you what you need to know, not the information that wil help you do your job better. worst experience."

Crew member (Current Employee) says

"Could do much better job in taking care of their employees and offer assistance and understanding when needed. Company cares about guests only and their motto is Disney difference ; however they way they are is actually that no one is allowed to outstand in any ways,with hair ,nails,posture ,opinion and ironically that’s the difference. Management is promoting based on Favorism and it’s the only company where you can get the job if you are just talking a lot and know how to charm, everything else ,how hard working and capable you we doesnt matter. Their promotion system has step ups where you get to be a manager to your colleagues for one contract and then they step you down just because they can and you get to be working normally with your colleagues you just recently were a manger too.. so many things they need to work on and get in the line with other big names out there : google, Apple ,virgin ,amazon...those company’s know that happy employee will keep the company running. Disney is too old fashioned and ancient."

Character Associate/Character Line Captain (Former Employee) says

"If you work for the cruise line, you need to make sure and do it when you are 18-21. For the work that was required, it was not worth the pay. Since they run off of maritime law, they can work you up to 70 hours before overtime kicks in. If you elect to participate in overtime, the hours bump up to 96 a week. Travel young, don't wait to get old and then work for them. Cons: Confined quarters, harsh rules, zero tolerance for any substances."

Chef de cuisine (Former Employee) says

"I have worked as a chef de cuisine for a year on the Wonder. The company is brilliant but the management ( chef executive) on board was nasty. Verbal and physical abuse, forcing us to lie about our working hours, stopping us from having a break. I was pushed out when 2 of us went to make a complain to HR. ridiculous. Cons: the management on board, 7 days a week work, poor wage"

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Working in the Senses Spa as a contractor for Disney Cruise Line through Steiner Int. taught me a lot. Cons: extremely long hours"

Guest Services Host (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst cruise line I have ever work for. They want you to do your work and disappear. Not even in the crew areas you are welcomed to stay when you are off duty. Unfair code for promotions as well Cons: They want you to do your work and disappear, not even in the crew areas you are welcomed to stay when you are off duty, unfair code for promotions as well"

Youth Counselor (Former Employee) says

"When you think of Disney u think of something magic and fun. Cons: Very long hours, not enough free time to plan or visit places ashore."

Bar Server / Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Not a great company to work for. though, I would recommend working for a cruise line company to get the experience. Though, Disney Cruise Lines pay was by far the worst pay I have ever received. They are permitted to pay .15 cents hourly based on being an international ship."

Quick Service Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Direct contact with the customer, preparation of food lines, general cleaning, USPH cleaning, store and maintain items stocks. Also responsible for providing the service to take orders, serve tables and coordinate the delivery of all foods and beverages."

Custodian/hostess (Current Employee) says

"Travelling the world.. Meeting new friends eating great food.. It's just a wonderful time working at Disney.. There is always promotions so you really don't say in one position long"

Merchandise Host (Former Employee) says

"The iconic name of the company and the values belief of the founding father of the company was tremendously appealing back in his time, he is a visionary with a big heart and passion in doing in what he did best, it’s just sad that it wasn’t like in his days that the company stand firm. As in my understanding back then in his time it is surely a pro employee company coz of the mission vision he set as describe as a family. And today it was just words. he build an iconic company name but sadly, as of now, Inside the company it is deteriorating coz the the people running the company doesn’t have his passion. Cons: Long hours, stressful environment"

Former Employee - Restaurant Server says

"I worked at Disney Cruise Vacations full-time for more than 8 years Cons: I was restaurant server on Disney Dream since opening in 2010 in Germany until 2019. I can tell you so many bad things,honestly I don’t know from where to start. I will start from what they called or think it’s food in crew mess. Quality is prison rated in some third world country. One part of my life I was in the army during war and in that time food on front line was much better than on Disney Cruise line. In the restaurant is so much MAFIA business with guests assignments,with money involved,with concierge guests and so on. Even if you can proof something Human Resources will not support you because they work with management hand in hand and they will turn it against you and put last nail in your coffin. I know that every ship have a mafia only on Disney Dream mafia owned a ship and doing what they feel like. Middle management(head servers)making Huge money and they are so unprofessional and uneducated and only thing they know is to brainwash the crew with meaningless meetings before every shift. This is kind of North Korea communist party speech about irrelevant topics. When I heard on my own ears that you can see gluten in the product if you look hard I was shocked to hear this from person which earn so much money for so less brain. Social life is very poor and almost every day you have some meaningless inspections which is there only to give you extra hard time and keep the pressure on high level. Stressing people with GSM(rating) which is set for brainless. Only excellent is good for company and other categories are good for nothing. Anyhow management will take credit for your hard work and performance and of course some of them will even take a big fat bonus on your work. The whole system is totally wrong. Crew is just a number,not name or individual. As a crew you don’t have any bonuses or benefits but your leadership has it all. Since they know everything and you are just a poor slave. After 10 years company gives you a worthless pin and lunch. And for managers???maybe a new car. If you are sick as a tipping employee you don’t make any money but you have to pay your replacement from your pocket,Disney called it gentleman agreement. Only thing I didn’t sign that on my contract,but nobody cares. Work on Disney private island Castaway cay is a nightmare. Company has such big resources and efficiency is very poor. They don’t use any modern technology to make it easier. Their brain stuck in last century when they launch first ship. As a waiter you scrub floor,carpet and doing so many jobs which don’t have anything with restaurant. If the guests don’t pay you gratuity you don’t make any money and your management doesn’t care. But if you don’t provide rating everyone will be on your back. I was there too long time,so please don’t do this mistake. They talking about diversity and almost all European crew went away. Even guests looking surprised when they don’t see almost no European servers. All this they can thank to restaurant management. Also crew internet is a theft."

Former Employee - Server/Waitress says

"I worked at Disney Cruise Vacations full-time for more than 3 years Cons: You will wonder everyday how is all of this possibly legal"

Former Employee - Crew Travel Planner says

"I worked at Disney Cruise Vacations full-time for more than 5 years Cons: very poor management... your manager will probably not be able to do your job but will tell you how .... favoritism and gossip, so much credence is put into seniority and how long you have been at the company, but not the job you do and any experience or education you have that got you the job, that is forgotten and they do not want it mentioned....you become only a number measured by your seniority and if you are a favorite rather than the job you do. The only raise you get are a few cents a year as a merit raise.. my pay was ok, but I was making more 10 years ago with much less hassle"

Former Employee - Call Center Agent says

"I worked at Disney Cruise Vacations full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Horrible leadership, discrimination, micro management and very low or none work ethics. If you have experience and education, they will step on you and never give you opportunity to grow. A nightmare, if you don't have any friend in a privileged position don't even think to work there."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Disney Cruise Vacations full-time Cons: You literally have to ask to go on your breaks and lunches The turnover is so high that there is constant mandatory overtime You get NO personal time, not even to go to the bathroom....if you don't go on your breaks or lunch, or heaven forbid you pee more than 3 times a day, you have to wait until your shift is over You have no grace period, at all...you're late 1 minute and you get "points" which can result in termination Everyone talks about what a "great place to work" it is, but the only people saying that are managers who have worked for the company forever You are micromanaged beyond comprehension You take calls all day talking to guests about how amazing cruising is, yet you can't go yourself because you can't afford to go and you won't get the time off You get a "free training cruise", but it's solely with your coworkers and it is the only exposure to cruising you'll get You start at 11.35/hour, which is considered "good pay"- who can survive on that?"


"I have been working at Disney Cruise Vacations Cons: No way you can make a career here. I have a Masters Degree and because I don't have connections or friendship with anyone that have higher position here I have been stuck in the same position for almost 2 years. Applying to all existing positions available in the Company"


"I worked at Disney Cruise Vacations Cons: Can never account for the long hours and unrealistic expectations with very low wages."

Merchandise Hostess says

"I worked at Disney Cruise Vacations for more than 3 years Cons: No days off for 6 months, minimum contract hours of 70 per week, sharing a room of 10ftx10ft with other people, same food in the canteen everyday, strict rules of conduct, racial clashes, working 15 hours with only two one hour breaks for lunch and dinner included, advising us to lie to guests how great it is to work for Disney, hire people of certain nationalities to do jobs other nations aren't seen capable of, $2.20 an hourly rate, a jail basically"

Former Employee - Youth Staff (Onboard) says

"I worked at Disney Cruise Vacations full-time for less than a year Cons: Culture is not collaborative. Innovation and individualism is frowned upon. Training offer to staff makes those who are not offered training regarded as inferior. Staff with more training not offered increased salary."

Former Employee - Cruise Vacation Planner says

"I worked at Disney Cruise Vacations full-time for more than a year Cons: subjective QA's, you're strapped to your chair and watched on time down to the second, its all about who you know and who you're friends with. I have a Masters Degree and was denied for a LATERAL move because I wasn't "good enough""